LED Tactical vs Xenon Flashlights – Which is better for hunting?

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Jan 17

A flashlight is a portable handheld electric torch It is usually used to provide light in the dark or signaling. The source of the light is either a tungsten filament also known as an incandescent bulb or light emitting diode (LED). The principle involved is that once electric current flows through the bulb visible light is emitted or the bulb starts to glow. In areas such as North-America, flashlights are used for hunting.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED lighting is considered as the most efficient lighting as it saves a lot of energy; it is clean and also eco-friendly. We are in the digital era in which LED lighting has numerous applications as compared to other forms of lighting. This mode of lighting has a long shelf life. LED bulbs can stay for over 11 years while under maximum use. If the bulbs are put to use for up to 50% of their operational period, they can keep working for 22years without the need for replacement. LED bulbs are rated to have an energy efficiency ranging between 80%-90% which is very high as compared to other conventional ways of lighting. The high energy efficiency helps save on electricity bills.
The environment is at risk of deterioration due to the many human activities taking place, and the dangerous wastes go into the atmosphere from the many manufacturing industries. If one were to choose, they would have to pick a flashlight which is eco-friendly. LED’s do not emit toxic materials, and they can be recycled thus making them 100% safe for the environment. This type of light can withstand harsh condition thus making it a favorite for hunters. LED ones do not have UV emissions, and the infrared light they produce is very little. Their designs are flexible such that they are adaptable to any situation. They allow one to see color and control light intensity making them the best to use while hunting. Hunting grounds have varied weather conditions in which some experience extremely cold temperatures while others are served by extremely high temperatures. The best lighting in such weather is LED as they can endure both extremes. Focus is a major aspect while hunting and LED tactical flashlights ensure that the hunter directs the light to a particular place without employing other sources. These flashlights reach full brightness automatically after being powered on; unlike traditional lights that take a while.


These flashlights do not have a filament which may degrade thus they have a long life. In Xenon bulbs it is the gas itself that glows, giving light. As compared to other bulbs Xenon is the brightest, and it uses less energy than any other. These flashlights produce a white light that can closely match the daylight. This light is more adaptable to the human eye than that of any other lighting material as less illumination is needed for visibility. This characteristic ensures that the hunter sees their target comfortably.

The Best Light for Hunting

LED ones have more advantages as compared to Xenon ones, but despite that, the latter is more favorable for hunting. Xenon flashlights produce white light that is best for hunting as the human eye can comfortably adapt to it. LED bulbs require the use of electric current while Xenon ones are used without the current; once they are fully charged, they go for a long period. LED devices use more energy than Xenon, although the difference is very small but still significant.The main advantage of Xenon over LED is that the latter source of light cannot be carried into the forest unless there is a source of electricity. Xenon flashlights are also eco-friendly as they do not emit harmful UV rays into the atmosphere, a characteristic that is also shared by LED. Although LED ones can endure any weather condition, they still cannot be carried into the forest for the same disadvantage of lack of a power supply source. Xenon flashlights have the ability to direct light to one focal point thus giving hunters a clear view of their target. These flashlights all have their advantages, and disadvantages so a hunter need to carefully evaluate the hunting conditions before settling on one.

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