X700 Tactical Led Flashlight Review

70 %


- Excellent for camping, hiking, and military    personnel

- There are 5 light modes

- The strobe effect is good for self-defense

- Compact and easy to carry

- Extremely durable and waterproof


- Only available online

- The instructions are a little hard to understand

The Tactical AlumiTact X700 LED flashlight is one of the newest products of this kind on the market. Many people have mistaken it as a new version of the LumiTact G700. The X700 is not an updated version of the G700, it's an exact replica with all the same features, with the difference in price. We decided to test this model to figure out is it worth buying or not. Read on for more details.

Product Description

The X700 looks and feels just like a tactical flashlight should. It's made of aircraft aluminum that gives it extra strength and durability while keeping it lightweight. It packs 700 lumens of power and it can illuminate objects that are up to 2,000 feet away. The light is so bright and powerful, it can blind a person from 300 feet without a problem. If someone attacks you, just point the light at his eyes, and you will confuse and blind him enough to escape from danger.

The LED lights in this model use a larger LED chip that provides the extra illumination. The X700 has two categories of possible modes. You can select the different light focus modes including low, medium, and high. You can use it to determine the size of the focus of your beam. There are also three different light modes, continuous light, strobe light, and the SOS light. The strobe light mode is used for self-defense, while the SOS mode sends out a distress signal in case you get stranded somewhere. The bright light flash can be seen from many miles away, and it could make the difference between life and death.

The body of X700 is made from carbonized aircraft aluminum alloy that is known to be extremely durable and crash resistant. The optical zoom lens that covers the front of the flashlight is made out of a single piece of polished solid glass much like those used on camera lenses.

What Is So Special About It

At first, we thought that the X700 looks and feels like any other tactical lights, but there are a couple of tiny details that we came to appreciate. First of all, this model comes in a black hard case that holds the flashlight and other accessories. You get 3 AAA 4,2 volt batteries and a battery charger. The charging process takes only one hour, and once it's full, one battery will hold for days. You also receive an extra car charger. Also, the price per unit drops if you want to get more than one.

The other thing we found interesting is the strength of the aluminum body. We dropped our blowtorch from the 6th floor straight to the concrete, and we couldn't find a single scratch on it. 

After that, we dipped it in a cold bucket of water and found that it was working two hours later. The manufacturer stated that this is a flashlight suitable for all conditions and that's exactly what they delivered.

Before You Buy It

AlumiTact was founded not that long ago, and it still has to prove that it belongs among the best tactical led flashlight manufacturers in the world. That is the reason why you can't find that many reviews on their products, but if you compare the X700 to other similar models, like the G700, there is only one big difference and it's the price. The X700 is almost half the price of other flashlights, but it offers the same features.


AlumiTact X700 Tactical LED is a device that could save your life in a critical situation. It is a military grade blowtorch that's impact, scratch, and water resistant, perfect for outdoor field or camping trips. You can use the strobe mode to blind an attacker, and the SOS mode can save your life in a survival situation. You also get an extra car charger, three batteries, and a hard case for everything. We can say that the X700 is a pleasant surprise.