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Jan 17

LED Tactical vs Xenon Flashlights – Which is better for hunting?

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A flashlight is a portable handheld electric torch It is usually used to provide light in the dark or signaling. The source of the light is either a tungsten filament also known as an incandescent bulb or light emitting diode (LED). The principle involved is that once electric current flows through the bulb visible light is emitted or the bulb starts to glow. In areas such as North-America, flashlights are used for hunting.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED lighting is considered as the most efficient lighting as it saves a lot of energy; it is clean and also eco-friendly. We are in the digital era in which LED lighting has numerous applications as compared to other forms of lighting. This mode of lighting has a long shelf life. LED bulbs can stay for over 11 years while under maximum use. If the bulbs are put to use for up to 50% of their operational period, they can keep working for 22years without the need for replacement. LED bulbs are rated to have an energy efficiency ranging between 80%-90% which is very high as compared to other conventional ways of lighting. The high energy efficiency helps save on electricity bills.
The environment is at risk of deterioration due to the many human activities taking place, and the dangerous wastes go into the atmosphere from the many manufacturing industries. If one were to choose, they would have to pick a flashlight which is eco-friendly. LED’s do not emit toxic materials, and they can be recycled thus making them 100% safe for the environment. This type of light can withstand harsh condition thus making it a favorite for hunters. LED ones do not have UV emissions, and the infrared light they produce is very little. Their designs are flexible such that they are adaptable to any situation. They allow one to see color and control light intensity making them the best to use while hunting. Hunting grounds have varied weather conditions in which some experience extremely cold temperatures while others are served by extremely high temperatures. The best lighting in such weather is LED as they can endure both extremes. Focus is a major aspect while hunting and LED tactical flashlights ensure that the hunter directs the light to a particular place without employing other sources. These flashlights reach full brightness automatically after being powered on; unlike traditional lights that take a while.


These flashlights do not have a filament which may degrade thus they have a long life. In Xenon bulbs it is the gas itself that glows, giving light. As compared to other bulbs Xenon is the brightest, and it uses less energy than any other. These flashlights produce a white light that can closely match the daylight. This light is more adaptable to the human eye than that of any other lighting material as less illumination is needed for visibility. This characteristic ensures that the hunter sees their target comfortably.

The Best Light for Hunting

LED ones have more advantages as compared to Xenon ones, but despite that, the latter is more favorable for hunting. Xenon flashlights produce white light that is best for hunting as the human eye can comfortably adapt to it. LED bulbs require the use of electric current while Xenon ones are used without the current; once they are fully charged, they go for a long period. LED devices use more energy than Xenon, although the difference is very small but still significant.The main advantage of Xenon over LED is that the latter source of light cannot be carried into the forest unless there is a source of electricity. Xenon flashlights are also eco-friendly as they do not emit harmful UV rays into the atmosphere, a characteristic that is also shared by LED. Although LED ones can endure any weather condition, they still cannot be carried into the forest for the same disadvantage of lack of a power supply source. Xenon flashlights have the ability to direct light to one focal point thus giving hunters a clear view of their target. These flashlights all have their advantages, and disadvantages so a hunter need to carefully evaluate the hunting conditions before settling on one.

Jan 13

5 Reasons to Choose an LED Flashlight over Traditional

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We live in an evolving world. Everything around us is advancing in different ways to suit all our needs. This is clearly evident in the flashlight industry as well. If you take a look at the traditional ones and try to compare then with the modern LED ones, you will see a huge difference between them. This is because the LED flashlights have completely taken over the industry at large due to a number of benefit it offers over the traditional.

Huge technological advances are being introduced in the LED devices to suit the consumer needs. This is why you need to know about these technological advances in order to make it easier for you to choose the perfect LED flashlight when shopping for one. Here are the 5 main reasons why you should choose an LED over the traditional ones.

1. Power consumption

One of the reasons why you should choose LED over traditional flashlights is that it reduces power consumption. We all know that batteries can be very costly especially the larger cell batteries. The LED ones gives you an option to choose your preferred output level in order to conserve power and at the same time to get adequate light. The LED ones also comes with rechargeable models that can even charge for as low as 90 seconds. What makes them better than the traditional ones is the fact that they can last for up to 10times longer on batteries set than the traditional ones. Some LED’s can run for several hours without changing the battery set whereas the traditional weakens the batteries within hours.

2. They are durable

The LED has replaced the traditional ones with a more durable flashlight that can last for even decades. The casings and bulbs are made of a high quality that can service you for a long time. This is literally like an investment that will stay for quite a long time without giving you a hard time. I remember when using the traditional torch, one had to be very careful not to bang it against something or even drop it because you might break the bulb or even the casing. But with the newly improved LED flashlights, things are quite the opposite. You don’t need to keep banging your flashlight on your palm because most LED models can still be crashed, banged, dropped or even kicked and will still work normally.

3. Bulb longevity

The amount of light produced by bulb is very important as far as longevity is concerned. The traditional ones used to produce yellow light that has large amount of heat which can greatly diminish the bulb’s life. On the other hand, the LED is the best alternative. This is because their bulbs have a long life as compared to the traditional ones. Their bulbs can stay between 20,000 t0 50,000 hours, whereas the traditional flashlight bulbs can not stay for more than 2,000 hours of service. Additionally, a good number of LED manufacturers are coming up with new ways to help with heat dissipation. For instance, some LED flashlights are using different types of metals that will help with dissipation of heat in the LED ones.

4. They are more versatile

The LED models are going to be more versatile as compared to the traditional models, regardless of what you need it for. The LED models will offer you more versatility than you could even imagine. This flashlight can be used on any occasion; be it for exploring, for camping, to take your dogs for a walk especially at night or even you just want to keep it at home for safety purposes. You have no reason to worry if you have purchased an LED one because its an ideal flashlight that can be used anywhere by anybody.

5. Its an investment in the long run

Most people shy away from these LED models mainly because they are too costly as compared to the traditional one. It is true that the LED are generally expensive when compared to the old fashion one. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be the reason to shy away from them. Consider them as an investment that will eventually pay itself off in the near future. This is because LED models are going to give you bright light that will not only last longer, but also have more power as compared to the traditional ones.

I hope that this article has shed some light on some of the benefits of using LED flashlights. I hope that this article will help you purchase the right model that will suit all your needs.
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