5 Reasons Why you Should Always Keep a Flashlight in Your Car

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Jan 13


Honey did you just drop the keys on the floor? It may sound a familiar situation for everyone who has done it before. At times, it’s really difficult to search for keys and other smaller objects inside your car. If only you’d have kept a flashlight in the car, it would have been a lot easier for many situations like this.

It is a handy tool to have by your side at all times. For many of us it’s just a toll in the box used only when there is a power cut. But once you practice it for a regular usage, then you cannot live without one. Learn how you can use an ordinary flashlight into a tactical one. At times small-scale actions with the gadget may server a larger purpose. Here are some compelling reasons why you should keep a flashlight in your car at all times.

Drive Away Threats

Attackers and stalkers use darkness as a tool to make invasions. It might be for an item in your car or to simply attack you. Majority of such incidents happen due to poor lighting conditions. Flashing a bright light right on their face may momentarily blind them for a few second which is more than enough to escape the situation.

Finding lost objects

Many of us read books, prepare presentations or do any other thing that might save us time. We drop pens & pencils, stylus on the car floor only to struggle more in the pathetic situation. A light can brighten up your search. Tiny objects, especially when driving tend to roll over under the seats and cannot be found where you dropped it. Flashlights can help find those objects without any hard bumps and hits.

A tactical device

Struck inside your car? Doors jammed and can’t get in or out? A simple flashlight can be used to break open the class window when it was the only tool you had with you. It can act as a tactical device if you have the common sense to make it work.

Inspecting your car

Long road trips and weekend vacations in your family care are a fun thing to do. Not all roads are well lit like city streets and if you accidentally drove over an animal or bumped on to something, you are done. You need to look under your car to first asses how bad the situation is. A flashlight is a real life saver in such incidents running on a flat tire and no clue what hit your car, a flashlight can be handy. Examine using the light and see what struck your tires and made it flat. Pull out the object and drive on.

Distress Signal

It may be an uncommon situation, but it can happen to any of us at any time. When your car broken down in the middle of nowhere and you need to get some help, a flashlight can get you the job done. Using it to signal when in distress is far better than waving or yelling. Light travels longer distances and you can be seen from miles away. Could be a lifesaver in such a situation.

When you plan to keep one in your car, make sure it is a high quality, durable, multipurpose device. Even it is expensive, it is worth the buy considering the numerous benefits it offers. A rechargeable device could be a best choice as it is easy to get it charged right inside your car as and when you need it.

Led flashlights are also becoming increasingly popular. Led ones are brighter, sleek and long lasting when compared to regular ones. Considering the above benefits of keeping one in your car, it really doesn’t matter what type or make as long as you have one. Remember, you are going to need it at times of some life threatening situations, so purchase a quality and dependable product from a reputed company. You’d rather be without a flashlight instead of using a cheap product.

Hope you keep your flashlight in your everyday kit once you read this article.

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