Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017


If you like spending your time outdoors camping, fishing, or just hiking, or if you are employed as a police officer, a powerful and rugged flashlight is a must! But what does make a flashlight good?

Well, the difference comes down to the power of the flashlight. Most of them have built-in clusters of LEDs or xenon bulbs and the power is measured in the lumen. Most flashlights offer from 100 to 1000 lumens of power. However, these are not the only factors that determine the quality of a hand torch. Quality flashlights are made out of sturdy materials that can cope with any weather, and they have to be waterproof. Our reviews will point out the things to look out for.

Top 3 Flashlights Curently on The Market

TC 1200 Flashlight

TC 1200
Brightness 1200 Lumens

The Tactical TC1200 is the kind of Flashlight most people see in movies. It is the only model that was taken to space and back and it survived an 110 thousand foot drop without a scratch! If you want your flashlight to last and provide power like no other - the TC1200 is what you need.

The power of the TC1200 is not something you can ignore. The light it emits is 100 times stronger than a camera flash. It is so powerful; you can fend off attackers in mere seconds. The TC1200 Tactical light is the most popular model on the market because it features a 1200 lumen "strobe mode" that allows the user to flash a blinding strobe light into the attacker. The effect blinds them and leaves them disoriented and helpless.

In fact, the TC1200 is the product of choice for the U.S. Navy Seals, Firemen, Policemen, Seach and Rescue teams and so on. With so many gun laws and other restrictions, a good tactical light is an alternative that gets the job done.

The TC1200 has a ton of built-in features that make it stand out. It's built to last, and it is waterproof. The outer surface of the flashlight has heat protection and an anti-roll slip-resistant design that fits perfectly in your hands. The flashlight is powered by 3 AAA or 1 18650 Lithium rechargeable 1Tac battery. The batteries are not included upon purchase, but a hard case, battery charger, cleaning kit, and the car battery charger are.

If you want to high safely and always have something to protect yourself with, the TC1200 Tactical light is all you need. It is powerful, dependable, and it's made to last a lifetime if handled correctly.

X700 LED Flashlight

Brightness 700 Lumens

The X700 is a high-performance quality tactical flashlight that will light your way while keeping you safe no matter where you are. This compact flashlight can fit in almost every pocket, which means it's easy to carry around. You need 3 AAA batteries to run it in one of five available modes including high, mid, low, SOS, and strobe. The zoom feature lets you zoom the light beam up to 2000 times.

The housing of the X700 is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that is known to be resistant and lightweight. The X700 is designed to compete against other flashlight production companies like Streamlight, Surefire, and Pelican, all of which are widely used among police and army men in the US. The X700 offers the same features at half the price. This model is not as heavy and large as others, but the power of the light it produces is more than enough to blind and disorient an attacker.

The X700 isn't the best and the most powerful one you can find on the market, but it's one of the best choices in that price category. It is a good thing to have around if you plan on hiking or camping in the wild at night. Overall, the X700 looks and feels great; it functions as promised, and it doesn't cost a fortune.

The average price for a single flashlight is under 100 dollars, which is still way cheaper than other ones with the same power. It looks and feels almost identical like other military grade flashlights you can find online. 700 lumens of power, five different modes, up to 2000x zoom, all protected by resistant aircraft aluminum in a water-tight housing are the features that have landed this model in our reviews.

XT808 LED Flashlight

Brightness 800 Lumens

The Tactical XT808 LED Flashlight is a new product made by Primitive Survivors. The claim is that it could blind a bear with the power it's packing. The XT808 has an adjustable focusing beam that can zoom in up to 2000 times. You can use five light modes including high, medium, low, SOS, and Strobe. The product itself is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and it's water and scratch resistant.

The Cree XM-L LED emitter has a lamp life of 100,000 hours and can be easily recharged at any time. The LED light emitter used on the XT808 is the standard for all military grade flashlights. You can get this model for under 60 dollars, which is not a high price to pay for such a useful gadget.

One of the main advantages the XT808 has over other models with similar characteristics is its price. Flashlights from Premium companies with the same performances cost at least twice as much. If you are not that worried about the brand name on your product, the XT808 will suit you just fine.

The XT808 is meant for all those who enjoy camping in the woods at night, taking long hikes through the wilderness, work in poorly lit spaces, and of course, for those who want to have something to defend themselves. That doesn't mean that you can use the flashlight as a literal weapon( even though it's possible), but the light it puts out is enough to blind anyone threatening you and your loved ones.

What is the meaning of Tactical?

A tactical light works the same way as any other flashlight, but the difference is what it's meant for. Tactical lights are designed to fit on a weapon, but it can be used as a weapon on its own. Soldiers and policemen all carry tactical lights to be able to illuminate and identify targets in low visibility.

If the flashlight is mounted to a gun, the light shines parallel with the barrel which allows the marksmen to point and illuminate potential threats at will. However, this is not the only use for these flashlights. They work well as a method of non-lethal force by temporarily blinding and disorienting targets. Aim the light at an attacker and turn on the strobe mode. You will get enough time to run away or subdue the assailant while he's dazed by the light.

Most flashlights of this kind use a LED light because of their high intensity pure white light. Some models use xenon bulbs instead, but they use up more power and produce more heat. Tactical lights are always good to have around because they offer protection and illumination like no other products on the market.


Most tactical lights share the same features, but the difference is in their power and quality. This is a list of features you should consider when buying a good tactical:

Light Source

There are some different types of light sources. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, LED lights provide a pure white light source, they use less power and the last longer. Xenon bulbs are also very bright, but they produce more heat, and they have a shorter lifespan than LEDs.

Lifespan Of a Bulb

Most LED ones have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours or more, so chances are you won't have to change it your entire life.

Tactical flashlight camping

Efficiency Of a Light Source

Light source efficiency is determined by comparing the light output to the energy consumption. LED devices are the most efficient by far.


The reflector is the shiny piece of metal that's glued to the inner surface of the lens, and it focuses and directs the light. Efficient reflectors reflect 100% of light without wasting any.


The lens can be made out of glass or plastic, and it's placed in front of the light source. Its job is to focus the light. Some models can be adjusted manually.

Top 5 Buying Tips For Finding The Brightest Flashlight

Buying a flashlight isn't as easy as it looks like. There are many low-quality models that are disguised and sold as the best there are. You need to understand what you have to look out for if you want to get the best tactical on the market.

Of course, there are many things you need to consider. We made a list of the most important features you should consider before purchasing a flashlight. Stick to these simple rules, and you'll find exactly what you are looking for.


light bulb

Your budget is a major factor you have to keep in mind when buying something. There is no need to overspend by buying the most expensive model either. Do the math and try to find the model that has the features you want and that fit your budget.

Power Source

The power source is the by far the most important feature of all. Since you want to purchase a reliable flashlight, you have to make sure that it has a good power source. You need high-capacity batteries like the CR123A, RCR123A,or 18650.



half full battery

The durability is not the most important feature, but it's still better to have a resistant flashlight than a model that's going to break in a couple of months. Quality flashlights have to be made out of aircraft aluminum, and they have to be waterproof, and scratch resistant.


The size is a personal preference. Some people like large, heavy ones that can be used as a weapon or a tool while others like small, compact models that can fit in a pocket. As you probably realize, both have positive and negative sides.

size of flashlight

How Much Light


Don't even consider buying a flashlight if it has less than 100 lumens of power. Everything that's below 100 lumens is not nearly powerful enough to light your way through the darkness. Flashlights with LED light sources are the best choice since they provide a steady stream of pure white light.


You can find many different models and brands of tactical lights on the market, but not all of them deliver as promised. If you want to make sure you have reliable and practical tactical flashlight, you will have to spend more money, but it's worth it.

Consider purchasing flashlights that are made out of aircraft aluminum, with LED lights. They have to be waterproof, scratch resistant, and they have to deliver a steady stream of light. Whether you'll use it on a job, or for self-defense, a tactical light can be a very useful tool.